I’ve reached that language plateau where I know enough to know that I know nothing at all.

Sighh.  It’s not fun.

I’ve made several attempts to find some effective form of self-study but so far, I feel like I’ve been flailing around aimlessly.  Maybe that’s a natural reaction but I don’t really have the patience for that.

So I’m going to go through FFIII (iPad version) in Chinese. Yes, I will learn absolutely useless terminology like ‘apocalypse’ but the more ridiculous it is, the more amusing I find it.   And this blog forces me to actually organize all the vocabulary and grammar I learn, so hey, I might actually get somewhere with this!

Whoo.  Let’s see if I make it through the whole game.


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  1. I absolutely love what you are doing. I’m currently a sophomore in college trying to learn chinese and playing eternal legacy has helped me a lot. Let me know if you come across anymore games that are simplified chinese!!!

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