Return to the 祭壇洞窟!


So during the Columbus Day weekend, a lot of games in the iTunes store were on sale.  Most of them I didn’t really care for to begin with, the cool ones (coughSqueenixcough) remained overpriced and and essentualy not-splurge-worthy  especially since, uh, I should be studying, but there were two possibly decent finds: Inotia 3 and Eternal Legacy.  

So I’ve actually already played Eternal Legacy  in English on my iTouch (I still somehow passed that stats class too…) and it’s so ridiculous that  I’d recommend it anyway even without the Chinese language option.  Well, that is, if you’re like me and enjoy playing games just to laugh at the wooden dialogue and so-bad-it-can’t-possibly-be-true voice acting.   To be fair, the game is rather pretty, considering the platform, and it’s basically FFXIII with bad character designs.  As for the Chinese… well… er… it’s in simplified. So I can’t read it for crap.   Well, okay, I can recognize half of the words, but then there are so many proper nouns that it’s really hard for me to distinguish a possibly familiar word or just some really long-winded transliteration for Algoad  (阿尔戈德).  But, if you are studying simplified, who knows, this might be a fantastic choice.  I wouldn’t know, in any case.

look at that hair and brooding expression. how could you resist a main character like that?

On the other hand, Inotia 3 (I have no idea what the first two games are about, btw) has traditional characters! Yippee!!  But I’ve only played through the first stage, so I can’t really comment so much as to how good it might be.   I will say this though; not only is the vocabulary more advanced (I think?), this will be a game that requires you to read the dialogue and actually comprehend most of it.  Which okay, if you’re playing video games to learn Chinese with, then you probably already can do it for the most part.  So you won’t have much trouble if someone’s being all, “Omagosh, the townspeople are being kept captive on the north side of town!”  But then if the game is telling you, “Don’t come back to town until you’ve collected the antlers of eight deer.  And by the way, tonight is your coming of age ceremony, don’t be late.”, there’s really no way to button mash and explore your way out of it.  And while FFIII has a nice balance of die-monster-die! and let’s-talk-townspeople-though-you-don’t-really-need-to, this game is definitely more of the lets-talk-to-townspeople.  And with far more long-winded dialogues. (Or maybe I’m just used to Luneth’s vocabulary? “你幹嘛?“ ”說甚麼呀?“ and the like.)   I mean, you could still skim I suppose, but I feel like for this game this wordy and philosophical about how all humans are truly evil at heart, you would definitely be missing out on a lot.  

On the bright side, the vocabulary is so similar to FFIII. It’s like a mini-review! I saw 泉水,恢復, 體力,狀態, 噁心, so I felt awesome being all, “I know that word! And that one too! I’m so fly!”    Anyway, if you want to check a brief look at a bit of the game’s vocabulary, I’ve typed up the character creation page for some reason or another

and the game's namesake looks pretty, at the very least.

So yeah, if you’re looking for other games, you could check those out.   Not sure if they’re still on sale for $1.99, but even if they’re not, they definitely won’t be FFIII’s $17.

Anyway!  Back to FFIII! Recap: evil Djinni defeated and then our heroes are suddenly transported back to… the Crystal’s Cave!

魯內斯: 哦。。。 這裡是! 這不是水晶的洞窟嗎!

如果你們不接受, 這東西將會消失

去吧, 揮去黑暗

去吧, 從里面的魔法陣走向外面的世界吧

Have I mentioned I love the Crystal’s epic monologues?

And now for the second Final Fantasy continuity: the moogle!    Can’t wait to see how Chocobos look in this game…

轉換職業之後, 就可以使用那個職業的專用能力了庫啵!
只不過, 轉換職業之後, 最開始無法在戰鬥中使出全力庫啵。
多戰鬥幾次, 熟悉了這個職業之後才能發揮出真正的能力庫啵!
請繼續努力地冒險吧, 庫啵!

Returning to Sasune Castle….

沙啦: 大家都平安回來了啊! 因克斯!
因克斯: 莎拉公主殿下。。。您沒事就好了。
莎拉: 接下來只要去聖泉把這個指環洗淨的話, 就應該能夠解開詛咒了。。。聖泉在城的地下, 快走吧!
莎拉 這樣一來, 詛咒應該就解開了。 我們去父王那裡吧!

薩斯嗯王: 年輕人們, 謝謝! 多虧你們拯救了大家。
魯內斯: 那我們就此告辭了。。。 為了履行光之戰士 的使命, 我們也該啓程了。
薩斯嗯王: 光之戰士?! 因克斯啊, 你也要去嗎。。。
因克斯: 是的。。。
薩斯嗯王: 原來如此。。。 好吧。 只要你們團結來的話, 一定能夠克服各種困難吧。
魯內斯: 是, 那我們就出發了!
薩斯嗯王: 對了! 拿上這個。  說不定會幫上你們的忙。

; hūhuàn; to call out
殘留;cánliú; to remain, left over
; yīdàn; in case/once (sth happens)
; guāngmáng; rays of light
; fùyú; to entrust (a task)
; qiángdà; large, formidable
使; shĭmìng; mission
; juéxīn; determination
; jiànglín; to descend to
戰士; zhànshì; fighter
; zhuănhuàn; to transform
; gōngxĭ; congratulations
; xĭjìng; to wash clean
; rĕngjìn; to throw into
多虧; duōkuī; thanks to, luckily
; jiùcĭ; and thus
; gàocí; to say goodbye
; lǚxíng; to fulfill, to carry out
; kèfú; to overcome, to conquer
折疊; zhédié; to fold
;  dúmùzhōu; canoe


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