The Djinni’s Cave! 封印洞窟


In which you meet a really funny princess.

with your powers combined, I am... CAPTAIN PLANET

Not a lot of new words, honestly, so just consider this more reading practice.

: 因克斯! 你沒事吧!
因克斯:  公主殿下!  之后請交給我們。  請您會城吧!
蕾菲亞: 回去之前將秘銀指環借給我們吧!
莎拉: 不, 我也要和你們一起去! 我也是為了幫助大家, 為了封印魔人來到這裡的!
魯內斯: 真是個不聽話的公主殿下啊。。。 怎麼辦?
蕾菲亞: 因克斯好好的保護好公主就行了吧!
因克斯:  那是當然了。
莎拉: 謝謝大家了! 請多關照! 啊, 對了, 想和我說話的時候點擊右上的圖標就可以了哦。不要忘記了啊, 我們出發吧!

莎拉: 雖然我只身一人來到了這裡, 其實我很害怕的。。。謝謝你, 因克斯。。。
因克斯: 哪裡。。。 我一個人甚麼也沒作成。

莎拉:  哦對了, 我來給你們講解存儲和中斷吧。存貯就是保存冒險了的進程。 我們可以隨時從存儲好的記綠中斷續遊戲, 不過只能在世界地圖面中進行存儲。 “中斷” 有自動中斷和手動中斷兩種方式。 自動中斷時不進行任何操作也會自動保存進度。手動中斷可以自己選擇中斷的時機。手動中斷在洞窟和村鎮中也能夠進行保存。 但是, 從中斷的記綠開始遊戲的話, 之前被紀律的存檔就會被消去。 一定要注意啊。

莎拉: 我叫莎拉, 你呢?
魯內斯: 我叫魯內斯!
莎拉: 請多照顧, 魯內斯!

莎拉: 在那裡! 魔人, 你覺悟吧! 我要用這個指環把你封印!。。。唉, 怎麼回事! 怎麼甚麼都沒有發生!!
魔人: 哈哈哈哈哈哈!  我已經重新得到了黑暗力量! 那種東西已經起不了作用啦!

莎拉: 看我的! 這次你給我覺悟吧!
魔人: 噢噢噢噢噢噢噢!

魯內斯: 怎麼覺得有點不對勁。
因克斯:公主殿下! 您回城去吧, 我們不會有事的!
莎拉: 大家是怎麼回事!? 因克斯!! 不要消失啊!

; jiāogěi; to hand over
多關; qǐngduōguānzhào; please treat my kindly
; cúnzhù; to keep in storage
; bǎocún; to preserve
;  màoxiǎn; to take risks, adventure
;  jìnchéng; process
隨時; suíshí; at any time
自動; zìdòng; automatic
; shǒudòng; manual
; cāozuò; to operate
進度; jìndù;  degree of progress
; cúndàng; to save a file
; xiāoqù; to eliminate
; juéwù; awareness
;  chóngxīn; once again
不對勁;  bùduìjìn; fishy
消失; xiāoshī; to disappear

Ahhh! I’m experiencing that whole, “haven’t studied Chinese for a while, having trouble getting back into the swing of things” feeling.  Because now it feels more like a game of catch-up then actually moving forward.

I just have issues with learning vocabulary, really.   Not in that I have a bad memory, but there’s a thirteen-year old, SparkNote-addled girl in me that believes there’s some magically quick way to retaining bunches on vocabulary that I just haven’t discovered yet.  (I mean, I did once learn 200+ Chinese words in two hours for my final, but those were special special circumstances where I don’t even remember half the words I forced into my head anymore).   Which is fine and all, optimism and ambition are wonderful things, but the problem is that idea sometime actually prevents myself from actually starting, because I’m so determined to figure out that perfect method so I can the most uber-fantastic-sparkling-perfection-of-efficiency when I do begin.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that you just you honestly won’t know what study methods will work for you until you actually just start studying.   From there, you refine and tweak; from there, you’ll start thinking, “oh, maybe I can organize my thoughts this way”, from there, you can start being creative.  But until you’re actually in the midst of doing it, how will you be able to figure out what works?  Even if I have to fall back on the boring, write the characters several times over until muscle memory kicks in method, it’s still progress, isn’t it?

It’s an obvious lesson that many many others have already talked about, as seen here and here,  but it’s also one I tend to forget a lot.


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