The ghost town! 卡茲斯 (part one)


Well, basically, if you don’t go after Arc immediately and decide to linger around and mingle a bit, people guilt-trip you for being a horrible, horrible person. 

“我倒是沒有看到啊爾克, 他去哪了呢? 我以為你這個好朋友會知道呢.”
“啊爾克又被欺負了吧? 你和他像兄弟一樣, 可要照顧他啊.”

But actually, you can’t go just yet.  See, there’s this stupendous old man standing in the back of the town with a surprise: free stuff!

“前面的倉庫里放又道具. 我已經不需要了, 你拿去吧. 不過要小心中途會遇到怪獸.”

And when you arrive at the warehouse, yet another old man awaits you with wise words:

“鎮上和洞窟中有隱藏的道具和開關。走近並仔細觀察的話, 就能找到它們。比如那邊的蠟燭。 在一般的視點上是看不到的, 不過走近后 仔細觀察的話…”

負; qīfu; to bully
顧;  zhàogu; to look after 

; cāngkù; storehouse
;  yǐngcáng; to conceal
開關;  kāiguān ; power switch
; guānchá ; to observe, examination
; làzhú ; candle
; shìdiǎn; perspective viewpoint

As for what he is talking about, here is a screenshot of the wonderful, sparkly things!

Also, for people who rely on dictionaries as much as I do (though I probably should try to go monolingual at some point or another), if there are two characters that seem to make up a compound word but your dictionary doesn’t recognize it, before you call it some odd, idiomatic twist of phrase to memorize (for Chinese already has too much of those), check another dictionary.

For example, in this passage alone, there were two words I had issue with.  I couldn’t find 觀察 on Pleco and instead had to check MDBG.  Vice versa, I couldn’t find 視點 on MDBG but found it on Pleco.

And sometimes those two dictionaries aren’t enough. In another ‘fun’ self-project I had (I challenged myself to get through a 小說. I gave up after the fourth chapter of prose and prose and prose and…), I came across the phrase “在這天與地都不存在的黑暗中”.   I kept trying awkward translation after awkward translation until I finally put the part that was messing me up into Google translate; turns out, 天與地 means ‘in Heaven and Earth’.  So the sentence translated into, “in this darkness that existed in neither Heaven nor Earth”, which made far more sense than my guess of “In this day and the darkness that didn’t exist”.

Worst case scenario, google the phrase that you don’t understand and see how blogs and news articles use the phrase. Admittedly, this tactic has only worked once for me out of the many times I’ve used it for the phrase “你是哪裡跟哪裡”, which is a pretty specific question to look up.  (In the context I was looking it up for, it turns out that when people ask a 混血兒 this,  it means ‘what mix are you’)   So yeah, I wouldn’t resort to this often.

Well. Or. You know.  You can just ask some Chinese friend for help.  But that makes it faar too easy.

Anyway, now we’re off to the ghost town to find Arc!

Wait, you mean, he didn’t even enter the town? After all that?  Screw you, Arc. That’s some way to be anticlimatic.  At least get kidnapped by pirates or something.

:冷靜點, 阿爾克。是我, 魯內斯。 你這傢伙, 鍛煉膽魄倒是沒有問題, 也不要一個人隨便跑出去吧!
阿爾克: 魯內斯, 也帶我去吧。我要讓大家對我刮目相看! 既然我都來到這裡了… 我不會給你添麻煩的!
魯內斯: 好吧.


鍛煉; duànliàn; to toughen, to temper
;  dǎnpò ; courage, bravery
; jìrán; since, this being the cause
;  tiān; to add, to increase

But anyway, here we are in the ghost town.  And what exactly do we mean by ‘ghosts’?

Egads!  People-outlines!  Ah well, not as cute as Boo from Mario Bros, but still kinda endearing, I suppose… Save for their all their freaking out:

“受到了魔人的詛咒變成了這副樣子… 難道我們直到死去為止都會是這副德性嗎? 還是說我們已經死了?!”
“在魔人的詛咒下, 竟變成這幅模樣了… ”
“被下了詛咒, 也没法做生意了… ”
“被關在封印的洞窟里的魔人借大地震的機會又甦醒了過來。 明明和詛咒之力一同被封印住了… ”
“為了封印魔人, 秘銀之力是心不可少的。因為在鎮上的確山里可以取得秘銀, 所以魔人給人們都設下了詛咒, 現在這副身體就沒有辦法獲取秘銀了…”

*; zhídào… wéizhǐ ;not until…
; fù ;MW for facial expressions
性; déxing ;revolting behaviour…?
; fú ;MW for pictures
; múyàng; appearance
意; shēngyi ;business
; guān;mountain pass
;  féngyìn; seal
; sūxǐng  ;to gain consciousness
; mìyín; secret silver (original Eng: Mythril)
必不可少; bìbùkěshǎo; indispensable
; kuàngshān;mine
; qǔdé ; to acquire
; shè;to set up, to arrange
; huòqǔ;to gain, to acquire

*It’s a grammar pattern!  This is exciting! I didn’t think I’d be able to recognize grammar patterns, but I suspected it when I saw it, and then googled and it turns out, this is one of those grammar patterns that textbooks put in their dialogues and stuff! See, video games can be educational.  For a concise ‘explanation’ on it, check out 英语句型not until的用法:直到…为止

Anyway, we’ll stop there for today.  Before go off running into caves to defeat evil magicians, I’ll tell you right now those monsters will you kill in one hit.  But it’s so fun to try.  Not even kidding here.   By now, there are at least three places freely available on the world map where you can go KO yourself. 

Also, I’d just like to mention that I’ve added a master list of all the vocabulary learned so far; the link is located between Arc and Refia’s head.  Check it out as a reference or an ego-boost.    


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